Richard Rafalski - BS EE
Electronic / Software Engineer

Mr. Rafalski has built 40 years of notable expertise in the fields of custom software/hardware test sets design, real-time control, network design, and communications technologies. He has established a flexible background in several programming languages that he has brought to bear on a wide variety of software systems in use on current sensing equipment.

Mr. Hertel has for over 30 years explored, analyzed, and developed technologies concerning electro-optical systems dealing with focal plane technologies, system architectures, and trades among detectors within remote sensor equipment, resulting in his status as a preeminent subject matter expert in the field of EO design.

Dr. Furlani's industrial experience spans 26 years and a broad range of applications in fields that include microfluidics, photonics, applied magnetics and microsystems technology. Dr. Furlani’s research contributions include over 100 peer-reviewed publications, a sole-authored textbook on applied magnetics, numerous invited conference presentations and several book chapters on micro and nanoscale phenomena. 


Specialists in Space-Based Remote Sensor Technology and Systems

Mr. Van Vranken possesses over 30 years of technical expertise primarily focused on guidance and navigation, FSW design, simulation, and testing. His background in simulations and systems calibration have helped to resolve issues in project development for a number of projects and firms, and his initiative in developing custom calibration and analysis software has saved his employers' time and money.

With 36 years of experience designing, building, and testing some of the most widely-used operational weather instruments flying in space or soon to be launched, Mr. Predina is a recognized industry expert in the greater NASA/NOAA engineering community and a former ITT Exelis Technical Fellow.

Dr. Perry Falk - PhD EE
Systems Engineer

Rick Sandor - MS EE
Dynamics and Controls

Mr. Loch implemented Lean Six Sigma management for medium-scale mechanical engineering teams for over 25 years for ITT / Exelis, where he developed a set of management skills and credentials that made him a defining asset for one of the world’s leading engineering corporations.


James Isaacs - PhD EE
Communication Systems Engineer





Mr. Lewis has been drafting professionally for over 42 years in both direct and contracted contexts. His broad knowledge of tooling and product design in military, aerospace, defense, and medical industries have made him a flexible and versed addition to a multitude of projects involving part design, assembly design, and manufacturing in both drafting and hands-on capacities.

Dr. Atre has exhibited a world-recognized system engineering and design background for over 40 years. His modeling and simulation projects have helped in improved design of meteorological instruments that are currently in space. Dr. Atre is an established system analyst with analytical and simulation capabilities to provide creative solutions for building instruments of tomorrow.

David Willems - MS EE
Microwave / RF Systems Design

Joe Predina - MS EE
President / Systems Engineer

Sandy Shastri - MS EE
Certified Systems Engineer

Dave Maus - BS EE
Electronic Components

Mrs. Shastri has over 40 years of experience developing and refining wireless architecture and subsystems on various programs surrounding wireless technologies. Her management and innovation have been integral to several products related to SINGARS, GSIP, LSIP, ASIP, Handheld, JTRS, BOWMAN, and other radio programs. 

David Yeager - PhD Physics
Electro-optic Systems design

Mark Hopkins - Phd EE
Modeling / Control

Dr. Cooklev holds an endowed faculty appointment as Harris Associate Professor of Wireless Communication and Applied Research at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne. He has served in leadership roles on several committees developing standards for communication systems. He has contributed to more than 100 publications and is the inventor on more than 25 patents. 

With over 30 years of applied expertise, Mr. Maus's developed components, materials and processes for space-based and terrestrial communications and remote sensing projects for NASA/NOAA and DOD. His specialties in SCD, DPA, and failure analysis compliment his design expertise and have resulted in a reputation for leading electronic component design and integration.

Dr. Shankar Atre - PhD EE
Systems Analyst

For over 30 years, Mr. Gagnon has developed a components engineering background in a wide variety of space and ground-based systems in both classified and non-classified programs. His history in specifying program part requirements, part sourcing and qualification, component manufacturer facility surveys, data analysis, and DPA/FA cover nearly all spectra of components-based issues and requirements.

For over 30 years, Dr. Yeager has managed project teams for NASA/NOAA, DOD, and FAA. His contributions to those projects have additionally enhanced their viability and success with his suite of management, risk assessment, PPR, and technical expertise in the field of electro-optical component and systems design.

Gene Loch - BS ME
Systems Engineer / Program Manager

Mr. Travis has over 25 years of experience  designing, testing, and analyzing thermal and structural variables in projects ranging the aerospace industry. His full-spectrum testing skill set, versed in simulated and experimental testing, has been essential to the implementation, viability, and reliability of satellites, launch vehicles, gas turbine engines, airframes, and electronics.

Don Gagnon
Components Engineer

Mr. Walker has over 29 years of experience in mechanical design and manufacturing support of optical scanning systems used in satellite-borne weather data collection and remote sensors developed for NOAA under oversight by NASA GSFC. His contributions in design, implementation, testing, and analysis have been integral to the development today's leading sensor instruments.

Randy van Vranken - MS ME
Guidance / Navigation Engineer


With over 30 years of experience in the design, development, and production of spaceborne systems, electronics, and associated ground processing systems, often designing instruments and software for military theaters, Dr. Falk is an established systems engineer capable of managing large-scale logistical programs.

Mr. Richardson, a Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt, has over 28 years of engineering design and management experience working with medium-scale engineering teams and capital projects. His work in military communication systems, optical instruments, sensors, and space-born imaging components has kept his projects relevant and reliable, while minimizing obstacles on the path towards flight-ready hardware.

Mr. Sandor has over 35 years of diverse engineering and research experience in the area of mechanism and system control. His contributions in project management, manufacturing process optimization, technical group leadership, and design on precision optical and electro-mechanical mechanisms have resulted in successful production, operation, and calibration of multiple satellite systems.



Gary Walker - BS ME
Mechanical Mechanisms

Dr. Hopkins is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology, with 28 years of consulting experience in industry. His specialties in the fields of modeling and controls, together with his abilities to create customized visualization and rapid-design tools, have enabled him to make notable contributions to several aerospace programs.

Dr. Isaacs has developed and operated on the cutting edge of communications technology for over 40 years. In that time he has advanced security and stability assessments in military and civilian spread-spectrum communication systems, managed medium-scale simulations development, and headed systems design and troubleshooting for emergent communications technologies.

Todor Cooklev - PHD EE
Wireless Technology

Over the last 35 years, Mr. Willems, a VBSS Green Belt and innovator with both space-based and terrestrial component and system design, has repeatedly been at the forefront of remote sensing instrument innovation. As a specialist and thought-leader in microwave and RF system design, he led teams of engineers and developed technologies resulting in several patents of some of the field's most optimal and advanced systems.

Frank Lewis - AAT
Mechanical CAD

Mr. Woody has over 40 years experience in electro-optical systems concept development, design, and testing, including 30 years involvement in multispectral and hyperspectral instruments. His instrument concept development and follow-on concept development have been involved in multiple space-borne meteorological instruments and other remote sensors.

Richard hertel - MS Physics
Subject Matter Expert

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